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Hiring an Irish ceilidh band is one of the best ways of ensuring that all the guests at your wedding party, (or company function, charity ball or corporate theme party), meet each other in a happy, informal atmosphere. All Yorkshire Entertainment Agency ceilidh bands bring along a dance instructor, known as a 'caller', who entices people onto the floor and then teaches them the simple 'moves' they need to do for the next dance. Sometimes the 'caller' is a band musician, and sometimes the bands use a separate specialist caller to act as the Master of Ceremonies. Getting the steps absolutely correct is neither expected nor demanded, and indeed making mistakes is really all part of the fun of a ceilidh !

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It doesn't matter if you or your wedding guests have never danced to a barn dance band or Irish ceilidh band before. The movements are so natural and the dances are so thoroughly explained, that anyone can do it. The ceilidh band has a caller to let you know what’s happening. They often 'walk' you through the steps before the dance starts and then keep calling the moves after the music has begun, to help you along as you dance. No one is excluded because the dancing is the most natural thing in the world - as many countries and generations can affirm.

The traditional Scottish and Irish ceilidh band wedding music is brilliantly received. It’s so infectious and lively so that everyone gets into it and they don't feel awkward or embarrassed. This style of dancing gives your guests the chance to meet each other naturally during the course of the evening as you’ll end up dancing with lots of different guests during the course of the night. Many dances are 'progressive', which means that during the dance, couples will change partners regularly, and this is why a ceili is one of the most successful social entertainments. The music is a brilliant form of entertainment for any event. The ceilidh band will obviously work brilliantly for Irish theme nights but they are very popular for a corporate event and company party.

At a wedding party, an Irish ceilidh band will involve everyone in the fun. The dancing is pitched at the level of the dancers and will start off with easier dances to give people confidence and learn a few of the terms and conventions. Even the shyest of people will be encouraged to join in and have fun. Ceilidh music creates the perfect icebreaker, especially when the audience may not know each other, which is particularly important at say a private birthday party or a wedding party. It is quite common for the newly-wed couple to lead the first dance (if they wish of course) - which is a nice way to start their married life and some callers even have specific wedding dances that can help break the ice.

In addition to playing for the dancing, the bands often play a musical interlude between the dances from their extensive repertoire of traditional Irish and Scottish songs. This keeps the atmosphere flowing and adds to your evening party entertainment. It also has the distinct added advantage of allowing all the dancers to get another drink and to get their breath back! The relaxed atmosphere that this style of dancing creates definitely helps people to feel instantly at home and, whether they're used to dancing or just beginners, they join in from the very first dance. If you've ever been to a great Ceilidh before, you'll know exactly what we mean!

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