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The Bacchus String Quartet Hire Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
The Perfect String Quartet For A Wedding Celebration, Private Function, Corporate Event or Black Tie Ball.


Bacchus   The Bacchus String Quartet is a hugely experienced ensemble, featuring members of the Boston, Grimsby & Lincoln Symphonic Orchestras. They are available for hire to play their lovely selection of music for a church ceremony or civil ceremony as well as entertaining at the wedding reception during the drinks, photos and wedding breakfast. They are highly skilled in performing a range of material including all the very best known classical pieces. The repertoire of the Quartet usually consists of lovely pieces from the Baroque era (1750) with selections by composers such as Vivaldi, Handel, and Corelli, through Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven, and into the Romantic era, with a range that includes Strauss Waltzes and other delightful lighter works.
The ensemble also have selections of works from West End shows together with more contemporary songs, all played with style and grace. They can include the most unlikely songs to raise a smile, but as they're played in such an elegant style, it sometimes takes the guests a while to realise they are covering a song like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! They are constantly expanding their extensive repertoire and given enough notice they are happy to rehearse you personal favourites and special requests to help make your wedding day even more special.   Quartet

If you require them for your wedding, the music will be picture perfect: serene, elegant and majestic as you walk down the aisle, whether it be for a church ceremony or a civil ceremony.

The string quartet will take the worry out of your music planning. With just a few simple steps they will help you to select music that is special, reflects your feelings and is appropriate to the setting of the day. The Bacchus String Quartet is the perfect combination to compliment any special occasion from weddings and civic occasions to charity ball events and drinks and meal receptions and they are widely recognised as one of the finest ensembles in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. If you hire them, you really will have arranged a fabulous addition for your special occasion.

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