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Close Up Magician.


Mixing with guests  

Bernie is regarded as one of the most entertaining close up magicians in the business. His work takes him right across the UK where he performs his stylish act by mixing and mingling with the guests and keeping them well entertained. He has such a lovely, likeable personality that guests immediately respond to his relaxed style and they too feel assured and ready to go. This style recently led to Zoe Ball describing him as ‘a real sweetie’!

Bernie is a past president of the Derby Magic Circle and he has won many many awards for his outrageous skills. These skills are backed up with a vast number of very satisfied clients including those from the corporate world and hundreds from private parties where he has attended. He baffles his audience with tricks that are talked about all evening and in the days to come. He’s equally happy performing in front of hundreds of delegates at a corporate conference as he is roaming around a house or marquee at a private birthday party or anniversary celebration.

  Amazed guests
With Bride  

When performing his close up magician act at a wedding reception, Bernie will break the ice whilst pre dinner drinks are enjoyed and whilst the photographs are taken (without trying to take over the proceedings of course).

He’s there to help the day flow along nicely and to help the photo sessions go smoothly. He’ll also wander around the tables whilst you enjoy your wedding breakfast and your guests will definitely find his skilful magic a source of wonder and excitement.

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