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The Casablanca Boys is widely known as one of the UK’s top party bands (see Casablanca Boys Party Band page). However, they are also acknowledged as one of the most outstanding strolling walkabout jazz bands in the UK as well as a brilliant swing style outfit. The adaptability of the Casablanca Boys is one of their most outstanding features and their ability to vary their style according to the exact mood of your event means that you and your guest get exactly the right music for the moment. They are a brilliant jazz band for a wedding or corporate function.
The Casablanca Boys can be booked purely as a UK jazz band where they can perform in an acoustic walkabout style (say during pre-dinner drinks at a wedding reception) or during a garden party or a company get together. Their musicianship is second to none. The players have featured on The QE2 and at London's Royal Albert Hall and Hampton Court Palace. The brass players were also featured in the UK film "Little Voice" with Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine & Ewan McGreggor so as you can imagine they can really play!   Outside Marquee
Performing for Bride  

The main difference between this jazz band and all others is in their incredible versatility and their ability to switch styles to suit the mood of the occasion.

As well as performing as a roaming jazz band or a stylish swing outfit (see Casablanca Boys Swing Band page) they are mainly booked to perform playing all 3 distinct styles for one event. In other words they will play as a walkabout jazz band to welcome your guests. Then they’ll play as a swing band playing all the classics from the Rat Pack’ era and then they’ll explode into lively party entertainers playing a huge selection of the best songs to dance to. The choice is yours.

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