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The Chrissie Cullen Band.
Irish Ceilidh Band Music.


Dancing   If you need an Irish ceilidh band for a wedding, with over 20 years experience playing for both wedding celebrations and company parties, Chrissie is 'the real thing'. She hails from Limerick in Ireland and she loves the authentic Irish tunes of her homeland.
Using a carefully chosen selection of tunes played with energy, enthusiasm & vitality, they are a ceilidh band that enjoys their music and they like to have fun and make sure their dancers have fun too. Most of the band are keen dancers themselves and know what's needed to get bodies moving - a good solid rhythm, and interesting but uncomplicated tunes. The emphasis is always on making it fun and informal, and they don't mind if you go wrong, as that's all part of the happy experience.   Performing
Another Dancing Crowd  

Many of your guests will be complete strangers to each other, for example at most wedding parties there may be two different families, plus friends from work, and your social circle.

Ideally you want to give your guests a chance to mix, something that can 'break the ice' in the easiest possible way without putting them 'on the spot'. The Chrissie Cullen Irish Ceilidh Band are masters of the ceilidh universe and the world would be a more miserable place without their unique gifts.They are on of the top ceilidh bands in the UK. Their specialist music is a great ball of fun, and Chrissie's infectious calling will happily persuade your guests to roll out the red carpet and join in the mayhem on the dance floor.

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