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David Waterton-Anderson


With Bride and Groom   David Waterton-Anderson is a true Pipe Major. His pipes have been heard across the world including Russia and the United States. His tremendous piping skills have been heard in Germany, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Poland and France. His abilities have been used in several drama productions, in videos, film and television.

David is not one of your standard traditional Scottish pipers. He has played for Royal occasions including for Queen Margeritha of Denmark at the Rosenburg Palace, Copenhagen and he became personal piper to His Grace The Duke Of Hamilton & Brandon in 1996.
David’s piping skills are now available south of the border in Yorkshire and he is the Highland Piper for all occasions. His sense of dignity and occasion will lend itself to any formal event including Burns Suppers, Funerals and Festivals but he is mostly in demand for Wedding Ceremonies and Private Parties.   Pipe Major
piper at wedding  

At a wedding he can pipe at the church ceremony or to welcome guests for a civil ceremony. His playing and entertainment adds to the sense of the occasion.

Indeed as the photography is such an important aspect at weddings, it’s easy to see how a traditional Scottish piper in full Highland dress can also add that touch of colour and grandeur that sets one wedding album apart from another!
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