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John Hotowka.
Close-Up Magician.


Bride and Groom
  With over eighteen years top class performing experience behind him, close up magician John Hotowka puts your guests at ease and produces a buzz that gets your event rolling, leaving your guests talking about the occasion long after it is over. At exhibitions, John can act as an extra salesman for the company. His role usually sees him positioned on the edge of the stand, stopping passer by and capturing their attention with his fascinating and often hilarious tricks. His magic can incorporate messages about the company and its products.
John says, "Visitors see me as a magician first and foremost so they don't feel as though they are being sold to. By communicating both audibly, through speech and visually through tricks and illusions, any incorporated message is reinforced."

Magic can also be used as a business tool within conferences and seminars and John is widely recognized as an effective specialist in this field. Adding an extra dimension to a presentation, by using magic, not only means that every important point is translated into 'visual shorthand', but also keeps the audience's attention from drifting.

Amazed Guests
Close-Up Magic  

"My job," says Hotowka, "usually requires me to summarize what the speakers have just said, in a visual way that people will remember.

Hopefully they will be intrigued and entertained into the bargain, but the real skill is making sure that they remember the message that accompanies the trick."
From corporate presentations, exhibitions and after dinner speaking to corporate hospitality functions across the length and breadth of the UK and Europe, whatever the occasion, John Hotowka brings a touch of magic to the proceedings.
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