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Status Cymbal.
String Quartet.


After more than ten years of existence Status Cymbal has become one of Britain's most experienced string quartets working in the field of corporate and private entertainment, whether it is a conference, office Christmas party or wedding. They have played in all kinds of venues from building sites to stately homes, including restaurants, leading hotels such as the London Ritz, and some of the world's most prestigious cruise liners.

The sole aim of the string quartet Status Cymbal is to delight. Since their formation in 1988, all kinds of audiences have been beguiled by their unique blend of musical styles, from established classical works through operetta, musical comedy and jazz to witty and sparkling arrangements of the latest in popular music.

  Status Cymbal

Their unrivalled library now extends from Bach to Rock via Strauss, Gershwin, Bernstein, Duke Ellington, the Beatles, Abba, the Carpenters, Led Zeppelin and Queen, to name but a few.

The haunting and the beautiful, the lively, the tearful, the passionate and the humorous, all can be heard in a Status Cymbal recital. Variety, originality and entertainment are their watchwords. So, whether it is a concert, conference or wedding, a special party, a corporate event or a banquet, playing the works of the classical masters or music from our unique arrangement repertoire, Status Cymbal will be delighted to entertain you.

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