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A Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is a hugely enjoyable form of music and dancing, suitable for everyone, be they young or old. The music played by the Scottish and Irish Ceili bands creates one of the most inclusive forms of entertainment available. In other words, everyone gets involves and this intoxicating music is suitable for all ages. Anyone who can 'walk' can take part, and absolutely no previous experience is necessary. Our experienced ceilidh bands perform throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire. These bands are perfect for informal barn dance events, company parties, fundraising functions, private parties and of course, wedding celebrations. The live ceilidh bands we have for hire, consist of musicians playing specialist instruments (the type of instruments that creates attention because they are rarely seen at most events). There is also a caller. The role of the caller is to encourage everyone on to the dance floor and then to explain the dances. They also often walk you through the dances, but you're never expected to remember all of the moves....in fact it's usually better if you don't. That's one of the reasons why this for of entertainment is more informal that some others. If you need some ceildh band wedding advice or if you've never been to a Ceilidh before, click the ADVICE button for more detailed information.

Below we have listed our selection of the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire based, experienced live ceilidh bands for hire for your event.

Live Ceilidh Bands For Hire Advice

Beer For Breakfast

Beer for Breakfast is a professional four piece live Ceilidh Band for hire. This experienced band of marvellous musicians play a fantastic and lively range of real traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish Ceilidh Music. They also perform songs and tunes between dances if needed, as well as Celtic Rock and Country Rock & Roll. They are all professional musicians who came together from academic, formal, semi-pro and session music backgrounds. They have formed one of the most vibrant and lively ceilidh bands on the Irish music scene today. Beer for Breakfast are often the main focus of entertainment at an evening wedding party, where their main goal is to make sure that everyone celebrates this wonderful occasion on the dance floor with the happy couple. They are also regularly hired for a barn dance or for corporate events and fundraising functions. They have seperate callers for Irish Ceilidh and Scottish Ceilidh events.

  Beer for Breakfast Irish and Scottish Music
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Chrissie Cullen Ceilidh Band

The Yorkshire based Chrissie Cullen Irish Ceilidh Band play music that will get you dancing. It doesn't matter if you or your guests have never been to a barn dance or ceilidh before, because the movements are so natural and the dances so thoroughly explained that anyone can do it. Chrissie acts as chief caller, and her easy-to-follow instructions are delivered in a light-hearted manner. She keeps calling the moves during each song to help you along as you dance. However, if you make mistakes - it's all part of the fun! The music played by the Chrissie Cullen Ceilidh Band is fabulous and when the band is performing, sitting down is definitely not an option.

  Chrissie Cullen Yorkshire Ceili
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The Little Band

When The Lincolnshire based Little Band play their lively ceilidh music their enthusiasm is highly contagious. The band's ceilidh music gets everyone mixing together and having a laugh and a good time. At weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company parties corporate events and barn dances, it is often the case that a substantial majority of the people attending don't know each other that well. The Little Band's infectious music provides you with a ceilidh band knees-up which is the ideal way of getting all ages up together. The Little Band are one of the very best live Irish ceilidh bands for hire. They are true masters of their craft and they guarantee to give you and your guests a superb evening to remember.

  The Little Band Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire
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