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Yorkshire Entertainment Agency represents the best live jazz bands for hire in the UK. Many of these bands perform not only in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire, but throughout the UK. Our Dixieland trad jazz bands and smooth swing jazz bands are perfect for an informal wedding reception, corporate function, company party or an outdoor event. They can perform in the traditional New Orleans acoustic mobile walkabout style. This is an added bonus (especially if no electrical power is available as they perform acoustic instruments. The trad jazz bands play their intoxicating jazz music as wandering minstrels, providing a lively reception for your guests. They can also play appropriate jazz, swing and Latin meal music through dinner. This is always performed at the right volume as it is played as background music which is designed to stimulate relaxed conversation. Our professional live jazz musicians are hugely popular for hire for weddings, corporate & conference functions, dinner dance events, garden parties and informal theme parties.

Below we have alphabetically listed our Yorkshire based live jazz bands for hire for UK events. From the menu on the left of this page, there is a further selection of the larger big band swing groups that play music for dancing.

Live Jazz Bands For Hire Yorkshire UK

Bejazzled Jazz Trio

If you're arranging your jazz band for hire then you should take a look at Bejazzled. They are a highly adaptable jazz trio, featuring top jazz musicians on acoustic guitar, double bass, and band leader Tim New on Saxophones and flute. This offer a wonderful variation of lead instruments which is an added bonus, especially if the band are playing music over a few hours. It is the classic combination of instruments to provide perfect jazz background music for a whole host of function events, including wedding receptions, corporate dinners, product launches, meals and drinks receptions, cocktail parties, riverboat specials and charity balls. Bejazzled are without doubt, one of the top live jazz bands in Yorkshire.


Casablanca Boys

The Casablanca Boys is a hugely popular 7-piece band which includes a 'military precise' brass section. They are widely acknowledged as the most professional and versatile band in the UK. As well as their dynamic party sets (see the Party Band section), the band are often booked as a jazz and swing band performing trad jazz reception sets followed by 'Rat Pack' big band swing music as recently covered by Robbie Williams. The band has performed at some of the most the wonderful venues in Yorkshire and the UK including the Royal Albert Hall and Hampton Court Palace. If you desire the best in jazz and swing, look here! Perfect for a wedding party, corporate event, company party or conference function.

  Casablanca Boys Hire Wedding Music
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Citron Presse Jazz Piano and Bass

Rob Law and Richard Hammond come together as Citron Presse playing a variety of popular jazz and blues on piano and double bass. Their swinging jazz music will provide your gathering with a great ambience - catchy and good to listen too, yet also unobtrusive when you want to chat! The piano is the most versatile of all instruments and it is highly suited to providing delightful background music. Citron Presse play interpretations of many of the jazz & swing classics recently resurrected by artists Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones there will always be a tune you can sing along to!

  Citron Presse Piano And Bass Duo
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Gaslight Trad Jazz Band

Tony Ricks is one of the most established walkabout trad jazz band leaders in the UK. He formed Gaslight Jazz Band in Yorkshire in 1982 and they've played their infectious music to delighted audiences ever since. He carefully chooses the band members for their excellent jazz musicianship, personality, reliability, conduct and appearance. His main line-up is a compact and cost-effective jazz trio, but he can call upon a selection of brilliant jazz musicians to supply a 4, 5, or 6-Piece band including a 'Big Mamma-style' vocalist if required. They can play in a mobile walkabout trad jazz style where they will mix and mingle with your guests. This creates a lovely informal atmosphere at any special event.

  Gaslight Trad Jazz Band Dixie Trio
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Mad Dog and The Sophisticats

Martin 'Mad Dog' Jones and his band 'The Sophisticats' are undeniably one of Yorkshire's most entertaining jazz bands. They are in high demand for a massive range of UK wide events from a corporate function, conference, store opening, and race day, to a birthday, anniversary and society wedding. Their lively, warm-natured character is treasured at events throughout the UK where their enthusiasm is contagious, and their consummate artistry is very much appreciated. The band are stylistic chameleons, and their musical armoury includes New Orleans trad, walkabout Dixie, jazz, Latin, and big band swing. They are Yorkshire based but they have successfully entertained thousands of delighted UK clients with their jovial jazz music. They recently performed at Broadlands in Hampshire, Lord Louis Mountbatten's Residence, where the Queen celebrated her wedding night!

  Mad Dog and the Sophisticats Walkabout and Dinner Band
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MPR Jazz Ensemble

The MPR Jazz Ensemble has a wealth of experience playing at high quality events across the country, at venues such as The Grosvenor House and Hilton Hotel London, The Ronnie Scott’s Famous Club and the NEC Birmingham, The Crown Plaza Manchester and the Royal Berkshire Hotel Surrey, to name just a few. They have also made countless appearances at stately homes and country house hotels, for occasions such as corporate events, weddings, parties and birthday celebrations etc, as well as being engaged by the British Military on many events throughout the year. Without doubt, they are one of the most stylist younger live jazz bands available for hire in the UK.

  MPR Ensemble Live Music Entertainment
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