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Mindreaders, Pickpockets, Statues and Other Speciality Ideas
Other Speciality Ideas - Perfect for a Wedding, Charity Ball, Conference, Private Party and Corporate Company Functions.


Whether you want to amaze your guests with the magic of our illusionists or baffle them with a pickpocket, we can help add something special to your event. We have a huge selection of entertainers availale for all types of events.

Below we have listed some of our speciality acts for hire.

Chimney Sweep - Pete the Sweep

The sweeps can tailor their service to meet any requirements but normally they meet and surprise the Bride and Groom after they have left the church or other wedding venue and as guests are milling around prior to photographs. Their presence in the traditional dress of top hat and tails, complete with sooty face, vintage bike and cane rods and often accompanied by a street urchin, is guaranteed to enhance the wedding by providing additional photo opportunities. After bestowing the couple with sweeps’ luck we will stay at the wedding as long as required, to pose for photographs and mingling with the guests offering some light relief. As a finishing touch we give a gift to the bride and groom of a figurine of a chimney sweep made from coal as a memento of the happy day, together with a lucky Pete the Sweep certificate to remind them of the luck we should bring to their marriage.

Chimney Sweep
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Illusionists - Safire

Safire’s experience and ability to adapt their performance to requirements makes their fully self-contained act suited for any style of event from large theatre shows to corporate product launches. Their professional and exciting live show has enabled them to win three major awards at the prestigious International Brotherhood Of Magicians Convention, including "The Most Entertaining Magical Act in Great Britain". They toured for six years with The Ken Dodd Laughter Show, and had success in America. One of the highlights of their career was an invitation from world famous illusionists Siegfried and Roy to appear in their World Magic Show at the renowned Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Their 2 main original presentations are a fast moving and dramatic Illusion act which is ideally suited for product launches and corporate events or a light hearted Illusion act presented in a humorous way which is suitable for family Summer Shows, Panto, Cabaret and Theatre. These shows are available in 12, 15, 30 or 40 minute formats dependable on the style of show and size of the performing area. An element of audience participation can nearly always be introduced if required.

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Mindreader - Graham P. Jolly

Graham P. Jolley is an extremely engaging mind-reader, psychologist, entertainer, cabaret artiste and conference speaker with a stream of TV credits and a flair for keeping audiences enthralled. As a corporate after dinner speaker, a private party entertainer or in open forum at a conference, his mind-reading ability baffles every audience he meets and gains their instant respect. Graham P Jolly is the most outstanding mind reader of his generation, presenting an unforgettable event with no parallel in show business. And what's more he's very funny. An evening with Graham P Jolley is an exciting demonstration of the power of the mind. He will read your mind, predict your holiday destination and with whom. He will analyse your handwriting, make a wine glass shatter with your mental energy, make a table levitate, and reveal a freely selected name and telephone number in a directory. Throughout the performance the emphasis is on humour and audience participation in the best possible taste.

Graham P. Jolly
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Pickpocket - Keith (The Thief) Charnley

Keith ‘the thief’ Charnley has established a reputation as the finest pickpocket in Britain. Good pickpocket acts are rare but Keith is unique, in that he can work in any venue without the use of stooges and his innovative comic skills and quick fire ad-libs enable him to improvise in any situation. His busy performance schedule has taken him all over Europe and the UK and as far afield as cruise liners in the Mediterranean and Caribbean; as well as bookings by the best hotels, clubs and restaurants for conventions, corporate functions and trade shows. He also has many theatre and television appearances to his credit as well as theme parties and crime prevention seminars (even leading a ‘dipping team’ at Gatwick Airport to demonstrate how easily members of the public can lose valuables to a professional team). Keith is an impressive act of spontaneous visual comedy that crosses language barriers and provides a unique entertainment experience, whether as an after dinner speaker, close-up performer or speciality act.

Keith (The Thief) Charnley
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Still Living Statues

Living Statues are a great form of entertainment and these living masterpieces are suitable for all types of events including promotions, exhibitions, private parties, weddings and corporate events. Statues can be created to suit a particular theme or concept and recent requests include the Statue of Liberty, Rodin’s `Thinker’, Botticelli’s `Birth of Venus’, Michelangelo’s `David’, Eros, Oscars, James Bond Goldfinger Statues, Mermaids, Neptune, Golden Budda’s, Degas Ballerina, and Egyptian Statues as well as a live Marilyn Monroe statue within Madame Tussaud’s and the Spirit of Ecstasy Statue for Rolls Royce. Past clients include American Airlines, BBC’s How Do They Do That, BMW, Cancer Research, Freeserve, Grosvenor House Hotel, ITV’s This Morning, Microsoft, The Natural History Museum, Reuters, Unilever, Vodafone and Yellow Pages. The statues provide a stunning focal point for any event.

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