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Skiffle came from 1920's America where a "Skiffle Party" or "Rent Party" was held to raise money to pay the rent. People turned up with their own food, drink and home made improvised instruments and paid a small fee to get in. The skiffle bands music they played was an informal mixture of blues, folk, gospel, and jazz and the popular music of the time. It caught on like wildfire in fifties Britain due to its folksy simplicity, the inexpensive instruments and the fact that a reasonable sound could be achieved with little musical experience. It was arguably the most influential UK musical trend of all time and its main contributor was of course, Lonnie Donegan. Skiffle bands play with a great sense of fun and the musical element is only part of the overall experience. These bands definitely give the audience a feel-good experience. So, if you want a special style of music that will undoubtedly bring a smile to everyones face, you should consider the hire of a live skiffle band.

Below we have more information on the Doghouse Skiffle Group for hire.

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The Doghouse Skiffle Group
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Doghouse Skiffle Group  

If you've ever seen the Doghouse Skiffle Band "live" you'll know what an exciting, fun and frolicsome experience it is. Following on from their success in the National Busking Finals ten years ago, they've established themselves as an act that's bound to get your toes tapping and your belly laughing. If you don't enjoy this band, you need medical help.

Fast becoming the nation's alternative sex symbols, the skifflers provide a musical monologue of madness, memories and mayhem. They have a very high 'embarrassment threshold' and watching these three, you realize there's a careers officer somewhere with a weird sense of humour! They're modern - in the style of a few years ago, and you need a sense of humour implant if you fail to enjoy their skiffling shindig.

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Doghouse On Stage  

Unbend your mind, climb aboard the Skiffle Express, and prepare yourself for some irresistibly infectious, barking mad, musical mayhem. These former inhabitants of the Planet earth make old ladies gasp, dogs howl, and mothers haul their toddlers indoors. This is definitely not a job for a grown up! Some people are born crazy, some people achieve craziness, and others have craziness thrust upon them. Their great big ball of fun is perfect for garden parties and receptions where informality is the order of the day and where you want to offer your guests 'something different'.

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